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در این قسمت اطلاعاتی وارد نشده است.
در این قسمت اطلاعاتی وارد نشده است.

سنسور آنالایزر PH

PH Analyzer Sensor

کد محصول:  CPS11

برند: E&H

کشور سازنده: آلمان


Orbisint CPS11 is the all-rounder for pH measurement in process and environmental applications. It performs reliably and accurately even in highly alkaline media or hazardous areas. Designed for low maintenance and a long operating life, the sensor offers you best value for money.

توصیه شده برای

  • Long-term monitoring and limit monitoring of processes with stable process conditions:
    - Chemical industry
    - Pulp & paper industry
    - Power plants (e.g. flue gas washers, boiler feed water)
    - Incineration plants

  • Water treatment:
    - Drinking water
    - Cooling water
    - Well water

With ATEX, FM, CSA approval for use in hazardous areas.


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