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در این قسمت اطلاعاتی وارد نشده است.



کد محصول:  CLD18

برند: E&H

کشور سازنده: آلمان


Measuring PrincipleInductive
ApplicationFood and beverage industries 
CharacteristicSpecifically intended for use in beverage industry applications and especially suitable for:
Phase separation, control of CIP, concentration control, product monitoring, leakage monitoring.
Measurement range200µS/cm - 1000mS/cm
Zellkonstante k : 11,0/cm 1/cm
Measuring principleInductive conductivity measurement
DesignHygienic design with FDA certified virgin PEEK 
MaterialIn contact with medium: Virgin PEEK
Surface roughness: Ra<0.9µm 
Process temperatureProcess temperature: -10°C - 110°C
(14°F - 230°F)
Sterilisation: 130°C/5 bar (max. 60 min.)
(266°F/72.5 psi)
Process pressure12 bar(174 psi)/20°C(68°F)
5 bar(72,5 psi)/130°C(266°F)
temperature sensorPt 1000 (class B)with a temperature response time T90 < 50s.
ConnectionDairy pipe, aseptic-fitting DN40 and DN50, Clamp 2" ISO 2852, SMS-2", Varivent N DN 40-125.
thread G11/2 SS, G1 1/2 PVC , Union nut 2 1/4 Inch PVC
OutputConductivity and temperature.0/4-20 mA
Additional Certifications3A,FDA


توصیه شده برای

The hygienic Smartec CLD18 measures toroidal conductivity in beverage applications:

  • Control of CIP processes in the return channel

  • Concentration control in remaking of CIP cleaning agents

  • Product monitoring in pipe systems, bottling plants

  • Beer - Push water interphase

  • Beer - Water cut for brewing lines

  • Leakage monitoring

It features the following protocols and interfaces:

  • 0/4...20mA


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