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در این قسمت اطلاعاتی وارد نشده است.
در این قسمت اطلاعاتی وارد نشده است.

Aluminum analyzer

Aluminum analyzer

کد محصول:  CA71AL

برند: E&H

کشور سازنده: آلمان


Measuring PrincipleColorimetric
CharacteristicAnalyser for Aluminium
Size648 x 436 x 250 mm 
25.27 x 17.00 x 9.75inch
DesignGRP, Stainless steel or open frame
Process temperature10°C ... 30°C 
50 ... 86°F
Ambient temperature5°C ... 40°C 
41 ... 104°F
Process pressurepressureless < 0,2 bar 
Probe ratemin. 5 ml/min
Consistency of the probelow solid content(TS<50mg/l)
Specialsat any time adaptable at suburb/customer conditions, two-channelversion available, sample fertilization without further pump possible
ApplicationWater / Wastewater / Processwater
Power Supply115 V AC / 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Output0/4 ... 20 mA
Contacts: 2 limit contacts (per channel), 1 system alarm contact
Measurement range10 ... 1000 µg/l Al

ConsumablesChemicals necessary


توصیه شده برای

Stamolys CA71AL monitors and optimizes:

  • Aluminum content in drinking water

  • Phosphate elimination in wastewater treatment plants


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